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Warning tape
Authoradmin   Release date2018-7-6 10:27:14
Application: it is suitable for anticorrosion and protection of underground pipes such as wind pipe, pipe, oil pipe and so on. The twill print tape can be used for warning signs of ground, column, building, traffic and other areas.

Product advantages: waterproof, moisture-proof, weatherproof, anti-corrosion, anti-static and other advantages.

Product specifications: black yellow, yellow, green, red, black and white multicolor optional, width can be customized.

Use note:

1. the adhesive should be kept dry and clean, otherwise the adhesive effect of the adhesive tape will be affected.

2. exert certain force to make the adhesive tape and the sticky material get a good combination.

3. when the function is finished, the adhesive tape should be stripped as soon as possible to avoid the phenomenon of residual glue.

4. to avoid sunlight, the appearance of residual glue;

Storage methods:

1, the storeroom should be clean and dry, so as to avoid wet weather affecting the quality of adhesive tape.

2, to place indoors or not to the sun, to avoid the exposure to sun and rain.

3, it is necessary to make a regular change to the tape.