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  • What is the high temperature tapes?
    The high temperature adhesive tape is based on the advanced beauty paper, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, non overflow, corrosion resistance, low fric...
  • How to deal with adhesive tape?
    Sealing tape is often used in daily production and work. How to deal with residual adhesive tape? In the use of tape, it is unavoidable to meet the defective products, although the probability is very...
  • What's the material of the tape?
    The commonly used sealing tape is also called BOPP sealing tape, which is made of BOPP polypropylene film printing water pressure sensitive adhesive (if required to be printed before gumming), and the...
  • Will the printing tape produce a color difference?
    The regular color ink has a fixed color number. If the actual tape sample can be provided, the color difference can be very small, but the slight color difference exists because of the ink batch, the ...
  • How is the tape easy to break?
    One kind is in the production process, one is in the production process, one is in the process of storage and use of finished products, the production process, the quality of the original film, each l...